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BoiseDrift @ Independence Matsuri- Spokane, WA - BoiseDrift HtWeIE9liEOCJADi54nZ0mBwUdiR6PnBA1R4tYdy36g

BoiseDrift @ Independence Matsuri- Spokane, WA

IMG_0954July 4th weekend – Spokane, WA – Stateline Drift presents : Independence Matsuri

A weekend I will NEVER forget. An event I will never forget. A track I will never forget.

Overall the most stressful, exciting, tiring weekend of my life.

– John

Here is a Facebook update from David summarizing the event:

July 6th

Wow, what an eventful weekend! Been planning the trip to Spokane to meet and drift with the guys and gals of Stateline Drift all year and now it is over.
Started off the trip with quite a few hiccups. First the bumper from the drift car on the trailer fell off so we put it in the car. Then the radiator in the Lexus tow rig blew up in Ontario, luckily Dane had one laying around in his garage so I went back an hour drive to pick it up.
Only a few hours later my starter in the Lexus decides it doesn’t want to turn off and starts to catch the wiring on fire at the gas pump. So we assumed the starter was malfunctioning so Dane offers us his stater he said was in a small box. When 2 hours later after we remove half the engine to get to it we notice that there is no starter in the box and we just wasted time.
So, new plan. Have AAA tow the Lexus and John will drive the drift car 3 hours to Spokane. We finally arrived at 530AM local time only allowing us a few hours of sleep before the drifting starts.
Finally its time to drift on a new track. 2.3 mile track. Super fun track with some good high speed corners. I had a blast drifting that track! Got some good experience on this track and some killer tandem with my Tougebro Dane. Drifting Johns car with my suspension setup worked out very well and I was not disappointed. Met some cool peeps from the area and seen some very cool drift cars. Wish I had come over for the big party you all were having but we were sleepy.
Next day I got all my tires mounted early so I could drift nonstop and get some killer tandem sessions with Dane. I was able to link a good majority or the entire track after attempting some faster entry speeds. Got hit with a water balloon mid drift, which i was very surpized not only that I got hit with a water balloon but that this guy was able to hit me while drifting. Still pulled off the drift no problem while giving the guy a thumbs up.
Anyways, end of the day of an amazing event and we still have to get the Lexus going. New starter, new battery same problem. Come to find out after so much frustration that because of how low the car is it the tire had rubbed thru about 10 wires causing some to arc on each other. Taped it up and redid the wiring and we were good to go.
We made it home with no problems at all at 630am.
So much more to the story but I’m too tired to continue is on.
I want to thank Jamielynn LaVoy and the others at Stateline Drift for putting on an amazing event. Big thanks to all the props I was getting from the local drifters, good meeting you all. Big thanks to my pit crew for this weekend Nick Hennig, Alex Hines, and even bigger thanks to John Gregory for letting me use my parts on his beautiful Levin SR86 to thrash around. Also thanks to Dane Boucher for making the entire drive with us in a drift car and thrashing tires with me both days.
Until next time…

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