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tech info.

A DOT Approved Helmet is required!
  • Nothing can be dragging from the exterior of the vehicle (except aero )
  • All lugnuts must be present and tight
  • Battery must be tied down with stock or better bracket (zip ties/bungee cords do NOT count).
    -If the battery has been re-located from the stock position, it must be secured in a safe manner and sealed in a marine style battery box.
  • Seats and mounts must be stock or better
  • Seatbelts must be stock or better
    -This means everything must secured properly and in a safe manner.
  • All pedals must function properly
  • Anything not covered above is subject to approval by Tech Officer


  • Material:
Seamless, or DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) mild steel tubing (SAE 1010, 1020, 1025) or equivalent, or alloy steel tubing (SAE, 4130) shall be used for all roll cage structures. Proof of use of alloy steel is the responsibility of the entrant.
  • Minimum tubing sizes for all required roll cage elements (All dimensions in inches):
Up to 1500 lbs 1.375 x .095 DOM / Seamless / Alloy
1501-2200 lbs 1.500 x .095 DOM / Seamless / Alloy
or 1.500 x .120 ERW
  • 2201-3000 lbs 1.500 x .120 DOM / Seamless / Alloy
1.625 x .120 DOM / Seamless / Alloy
1.750 x .095 DOM / Seamless / Alloy
or 1.750 x .120 ERW
  • Maximum of 4 bends on the main hoop (no top middle bend)
  • Minimum structure = standard 4-point (main hoop + rear bars) plus door bars. Door bars shall attach to the main hoop in the rear, and the floor in the front. Door bars must be mounted high enough to adequately protect drivers in a side impact scenario

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